Long hole drilling

Heavy Department

Here at Stacke Mattssons we have a section that we call the Heavy Department. As the name implies, it is where we work with bigger and heavier products. Activities here include the manufacturing of pillars and racks for the forestry and crane industries, as well as products for heavy vehicles.

In this department we work with coarse and heavy steel rods from 80 mm up to 300 mm. We also run castings and can handle workpieces that are up to 700 mm and with unit weights from 40 kg up to 400 kg. With steel and castings, we can manufacture complex components that can meet requirements for extreme quality and durability.

Long hole drilling

The workpieces are processed in CNC lathes and multitasking machines, some of them with designs incorporating long holes. To manufacture these holes, we use machines known as long hole drilling machines. We use these machines to drill in both steel and castings with a diameter from 8 mm up to 35 mm, and to a depth of no more than 2 m.

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