We have modern machinery with automatic lathes and CNC lathes that process workpieces in different metals such as steel, stainless and brass. We continuously invest in new machines in order to keep up with the constant acceleration in the pace of technical development. It is also important for us to maintain a high level of competence in our staff, which is why we hold training courses on an ongoing basis.

Automatic turning

We use automatic turning when manufacturing larger batches in which precision engineering is extremely important. With its high capacity, identical workpieces are produced, often in smaller formats. The diameter is usually no more than 36 millimetres.

If you have to describe what automatic turning is, put simply it means that the machine performs all of the steps. Which means that it turns a workpiece, when it is finished it picks it up, after which the machine loads new material and starts on the next workpiece.

CNC turning

When we are working on smaller to medium-sized batches, we use one of our fourteen CNC lathes. This is suitable when you want to achieve uniform quality and turn batches with tight tolerances from 60 mm up to 300 mm.
With the aid of CNC technology, we can perform anything from turning, milling to side machining in one single tension level.

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