Fast and efficient

Cutting is a fast and efficient way of producing workpieces using our machines. We can offer cutting in the form of turning, drilling or milling of various metals, on both cut and forged blanks. We can produce advanced workpieces with high tolerance requirements. These are usually run in large batches, primarily in one of our transfer machines, but also in multitasking, horizontal and vertical. We deliver everything from small to large workpieces, always with the same high quality.


From start to end product

We are skilled at being able to see and plan the whole process, from start to end product. The workpiece needs to go through different stages such as milling, washing, assembling and packing. This is one factor that contributes to ensuring that we can maintain a high level of delivery reliability out to our customers.

We work closely with our customers, from the development of prototypes to the production of components. It is important to us that ideas and decisions are taken together, so that you as a customer can always feel reassured and be satisfied with us.

We continually keep our employees up to date with all the innovations that come along in the field of cutting metal. So that we can continue to maintain the same high level of competence and be competitive in the field of cutting.

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